Here are links to a few videos

Legal and constitutional aspects

Professor Michael Dougan assesses UK’s position following vote to leave the EU – YouTube – 30th June 2016

Professor Michael Dougan of the Liverpool Law School on the EU Referendum – YouTube – 14th June 2016

The Case for Remaining

John Major makes the case to the Oxford Union – YouTube – May 2016

Oxford Union Q&A following the above – YouTube – May 2016

Humour from the European Parliament

Guy Verhofstadt, three time Belgian PM, gives an impassioned and at times amusing speech to the European Parliament calling for EU reform – YouTube – 5th July 2016

TV Humour

Brexit: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – YouTube – 19th June 2016

Brexit Update: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO) – YouTube – 27th June 2016

James Acaster – Brexit Description from Mock The Week – YouTube – before 22nd July 2016